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About Us

How we found our spot

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a shortage of period products globally. Our team initially started to address this shortage by raising funds to create period care packages and donating them to a local charity. However, as time went on, our initiative grew into an idea to better solve period product access and management. This inspired us to launch our business spotBOX. 

spotBOX is now in the works of developing its business platforms, spotLIGHT. spotLIGHT is our educational and resource application that aims to help all individuals, no matter the identity, learn about their menstrual cycle. With is app we hope to provide a completely free period tracking app that provides premium learn content about reproductive health.

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Our Story

"How our company started was from honest beginnings. I was in my last year of college at SMU sitting in one of my classes, health as a human right. I had originally only taken this class to fulfill UC credit in order for me to graduate. I was never really actually paying attention. I just wanted to pass. My professor had given us an end of the year school project were we had to volunteer at a local non-profit organization and write a report about our experience. At that point though, the pandemic had began and our assignment had been modified for us to only write a report on a local organization. However, I did not do that.

One day, while I was trying to buy tampons for myself, I noticed all over the shelves, there were none. I drove to almost three grocery stores till I could find any. This experience had impacted me. I had never experiences in access to period products before and it honestly made me realize how stressful this could be for others. From that moment, I just new I wanted to do something. Thus, I decided for my class end-of-year project, I would do a donation drive of period products to a local shelter in my community. My friends and I raised $700 in two weeks and donated period products and care items to Texas Muslim Women's Foundation. I remember when I donated the care boxes, how the staff was so grateful for these products. Seeing that response, made me want to not just stop there. And thus, that is how my same group of friends and I thought of spotBOX. With this company, we want to truly address access to reproductive health products and education. We went through design thinking to fully understand how to address this issue. After months of study, that same group of friends and I built a business plan to tackle period access effectively. In the end, although I entered that class only hoping to pass, but I did truly learn the meaning of health as a human right, because access to proper period education and products is a human right and should be available to all. That is what our company is aiming to do, provide a spot for everyone.


 Oh and also, I did get an A in my class."

Umyeena Bashir, CEO, Founder

Meet The Team

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